CREATE, Inc.: Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services and Residential Programs in Harlem, New York City


CREATE Young Adult Residences

133-135 West 128th Street at Lenox Avenue
New York, NY  10026

24-Hour Facility / Transitional Housing / Support Services

Tracey Holmes - Residential Director
(212) 662-2000

CREATE Young Adult Center was initiated in 1990 when CREATE, Inc. responded tot he need to provide services to homeless young adult males aged 18-25.  These young men are too old to access a youth shelter, but often feel unwelcomed or threatened in a shelter serving mostly older adults. 

CREATE Young Adult Center is structured to help young adults find the path that leads to a positive and successful life.  It provides a supervised, structured environment combining counseling, life skills development, educational and employment preparation and placement, goal planning and positive activities planning. 

Through daily scheduling and staff intervention and support, each resident finds the strength and insight to set short and long range goals that lead to successful housing and job placement.  CREATE Young Adult Center has successfully helped many young adults bread the cycle of homelessness and achieve independent, productive lives.


CREATE Young Adult Center seeks to provide a holistic approach in serving the homeless population by providing:

Personal Development
>     Self-Esteem Building
>     Individual and Group Counseling
>     Decision Making
>     Goal Setting
>     Conflict Resolution

Job Training Workshops
>     Resume Preparation
>     Job Readiness
>     Internships

Education and Training
>     GED Preparation
>     Adult Basic Education
>     Computer Training
>     Vocational Programs

Recreational & Cultural Enrichment
>     Trips to Museums
>     Plays Musical Concerns
>     Sports Events

PLEASE NOTE: This residence is several blocks north of our main office at 73 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10026. 



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