CREATE, Inc.: Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services and Residential Programs in Harlem, New York City

About Us

CREATE is a not-for-profit 501(c)(3) organization which has served the community and the city and state of New York since 1970. During those turbulent times, PROJECT CREATE began in a storefront on West 112th Street and St. Nicholas Avenue, with initial funding supplied by Franciscan Friars. Since then, CREATE, Inc. has grown into a multi-serivce agency with funding from various city, state and private agencies.

We are deeply grateful for the help and support of our Board Members. Please review our current board member list for 2016 in the resources section.

At CREATE, emphasis is placed upon the rehabilitation of potentially independent, valuable and productive persons. CREATE recognizes and supports the principle that drug and alcohol addiction includes social, psychological, spiritual as well as physical components, and that the status "drug free" is only one indication of program effectiveness and participant achievement.

All treatment, education, rehabilitation and vocational efforts revolve around self-esteem as the effective influence towards rehabilitation. All treatment efforts and services are aimed at developing, increasing and sustaining the participant's self-actualization toward a total holistic rehabilitation.

CREATE is committed to meeting the needs of those afflicted with the disease of chemical dependence and addressing other problems which may accompany this illness. Further, we strive to meet these needs with the dignity and respect which each person deserves.

Our programs do not only mean companionship, comfort in time of distress, medical, psychological services and referral to available resources, our programs offer the type of reception, care and concern which imply the acceptance of each person as valuable.

These rehabilitation services also include vocational and career training, along with placement and transition to independent and productive living.

CREATE, Inc. is a non-sectarian, non-profit organization registered in the State of New York. CREATE, Inc. has also published a Code of Conduct for Employees, Contractors and other associated with the organization, and has an updated Privacy Policy.

Read the full Code of Conduct here. (PDF)

Read the full privacy policy here. (PDF)

Read the full whistle blower policy here. (PDF)


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