CREATE, Inc.: Alcohol and Drug Recovery Services and Residential Programs in Harlem, New York City

Resources and Documents

Welcome to the Documents and Resources Section!

CREATE, Inc. will post documents and other helpful resources here as they come in. These items might include brocures, flyers, press releases, financial statements, commendations, or other notices of particular interest.

Other technical or financial documents may exist at the Executive Administative Office, and we are willing to listen to all requests for more information.

This list of Documents and Resources is being updated regularly, so please check back often to learn more about our organization and to stay up to date with the work we do.

Thank you very much for your interest in CREATE, Inc.

From Homeless to Dream Job, Dec. 5, 2018
Press Article, 12/5/2018

NYS Sexual Harassment Prevention Notice
Notice, 10/1/2018

NYS Sexual Harassment Complaint Form
Resource - Complaint Form, 10/1/2018

Sexual Harassment Prevention Policy
Resource - Sex. Harassment Prev. Policy, 10/1/2018

Whistle Blower Policy
Corporate Policy, 8/10/2018

NYT Article - In Harlem, a Shelter That Gives Young Men the Tools to SucceedIn Harlem, a Shelter That Gives Young Men the Tools to Succeed
News, 12/14/2017

NYT Neediest Cases - An Immigrant Pursues the Education He Was Denied in Mali - Moussa Konate 102417
News Article, 10/24/2017

NYT Neediest Cases - Idi Diallo - A Dream that Survived Life in a War Zone 122516
News Article, 12/25/2016

2016 Board Members Listing
2016 Board Members Listing , 11/30/2015

CREATE Appears in NYT Neediest Cases - Aspiring Actor 111315
News Article, 11/13/2015