The Center Provides a Broad Range of Medical and Counseling Services

Create, Inc. provides a full array of services to persons who are in need. These include: treatment and recovery services for chemical dependent men and women; specialized services for those who have co-occurring mental health and chemical abuse issues; transitional living for homeless young adults; permanent housing and support services for single parent women; vocational counseling, job preparation and placement; day services for the elderly and emergency food distribution for the hungry.

CREATE, Inc. is comprised of six main divisions.


73 Lenox Avenue
New York City, NY 10026
Ralph Perez, Executive Director
tel: (212) 663-1975, fax: (212) 663-1293


CREATE, Inc.: 
Medically Supervised Chemical Dependency Outpatient Treatment Program
73 Lenox Avenue
New York City, NY 10026
Mr. Jacques Nir, Clinical Director
tel. (212) 663-1596, fax (212) 666-1323

Provides recovery services to men and women, including medical and psychological services, vocational counseling, job placement and basic computer skills, help for specific groups of people including those with specific issues, such as: parole status, mentally ill chemical abusers, anger management, domestic violence and those in need of lifestyle directions. Continental breakfasts and nutritious lunches are served daily.
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121-123 West 111th Street
New York City, NY 10026
Mr. Philip Miller, Residential Director
tel: (212) 678-4990, fax (212) 666-6664

Provides intensive residential chemical dependence treatment and vocational rehabilitation services to males 18 and above including medical evaluations, counseling, counseling peer support, vocational guidance and placement, 12 step programs, relapse prevention training and life-style direction.


133-135 West 128th Street
New York City, NY 10026
Mr. Angelo Soto, Residential Director
tel. (212) 662-2000, fax (212) 662-2166

Home-like transitional living program which is a bridge between the street/shelter/foster care and independent living for men aged 18-25. Residents receive intensive supportive services such as social services counseling, substance abuse counseling, vocational counseling and housing guidance and placement into independent living.


71 Lenox Avenue
New York City, NY 10026
Ms. Felisha Simmons, Case Manager
tel. (212) 663-7260

Provides shelter plus care affordable apartment living and supportive services for single mothers and their children. The permanent housing restructures family life after homelessness, addiction or related problems. Counseling, supportive services include; case management, vocational counseling, parenting skills training and extensive use of community resources.


73 Lenox Avenue, btwn 113th and 114th Streets
New York City, NY 10026

Wednesdays, 2:00PM – 4:00PM

This program was initiated in the 1970's in the spirit of the compassion and generosity of St. Francis of Assisi. We bring food to the tables of our poor and hungry individuals and families in the neighborhood.


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