Specialized Groups for Recovery Counseling at Create, Inc.

CREATE, Inc. has specialized groups to aid in the program of recovery and personal development. Each group varies by size and location, and the schedule is based on availability. Please contact us and we will include you when the schedule becomes final.

All group meetings are held at Westminster Hall, 73 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY 10026.
To join a group, call 212-663-1596.

Addiction in the Family (Concourse)

Monday  11:00AM  

Alcohol in Recovery (Computer Lab, Second Floor)

Monday  10:00 AM  

Early Recovery - Concourse Level

Monday  10::00 AM  Addresses the challenges and expectations of early recovery.

Healthy Living (Room 206, Second Floor)

Monday  12:00 PM  This group helps clients address numerous health issues exacerbated by their alcohol and drug abuse.

Mental Wellness in Recovery 1 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Monday  11:00AM  

Parenting Skills - (Computer Room, Second Floor)

Monday  11:00 AM  Client address such issues as: regaining parental love authority, setting boundaries and teaching their children about the negative affects of drugs.

Peer Socialization (Concourse)

Monday  12:00pm  

Recovery Tools - (Room 206, Second Floor)

Monday  2:00pm  

Relapse Prevention: Working in Recovery - Step 3 (Concourse)

Monday  6:00 PM  Identification of triggers and development of a relapse Prevention Plan.

Relationships in Recovery (Room 206, Second Floor)

Monday  10:00AM  

Young Adult - Early Recovery

Monday  4:00 PM  

Early Recovery (Concourse)

Tuesday  10:00am  

Life Skills in Recovery (Computer Room)

Tuesday  11:00AM  

Marijuana in Recovery (Computer Lab)

Tuesday  10:00AM  

Mental Wellness in Recovery I (Room 206, Second Floor)

Tuesday  11:00am  

Peer Socialization 2 (Concourse)

Tuesday  12:00PM  

Recovery Tools 2 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Tuesday  12:00PM  

Relapse Prevention (Concourse)

Tuesday  6:00PM  

Stress Management in Recovery (Concourse)

Tuesday  11:00AM  

Work Readiness in Recovery 1 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Tuesday  10:00AM  

Young Adult Life Skills 2 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Tuesday  4:00PM  

Anger Management - Evening (Concourse Level)

Wednesday  6:00pm  

Anger Management (Room 206, Second Floor)

Wednesday  2:00 PM  Participants learn how to handle emotions without using alcohol or drugs.

Early Recovery 3 (Concourse)

Wednesday  10:00AM  

Meaning of Recovery 3 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Wednesday  10:00AM  

Men's Group (Computer Room, Second Floor)

Wednesday  12:00 PM  Addresses gender specific issues for men.

Mental Wellness in Recovery /1 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Wednesday  11:00AM  

Peer Socialization 3 (Concourse)

Wednesday  12:00PM  

Relapse Prevention 3 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Wednesday  11:00AM  

Thinking for a Change (Computer Room)

Wednesday  11:00AM  

Women's Process Group (Room 206, Second Floor)

Wednesday  12:00 PM  Addresses gender specific issues for women.

Young Adult - Anger Management (Room 206, Second Floor)

Wednesday  4:00PM  

After-Care (Concourse)

Thursday  6:00PM  

Coping Skills in Recovery (Concourse)

Thursday  10:00AM  

Domestic Violence for Victims (Women) (Computer Lab, Second Floor)

Thursday  10:00 AM  The program provides therapy and counseling for the victims, as well as curriculum-based counseling for the perpetrator.

Life Skills in Recovery 4 (Concourse)

Thursday  11:00AM  

Mental Wellness in Recovery (Computer Room, Second Floor)

Thursday  11:00AM  

Motivation to Change - 4 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Thursday  12:00PM  

Peer Socialization -4 (Concourse)

Thursday  12:00PM  

Recovery and Transition to the Work Place - Step 2

Thursday  11:00AM  

Stress Management Skills (Room 206, Second Floor)

Thursday  10:00AM  

Anger Management - Fridays (Room 206 - Second Floor)

Friday  10:00am  

Case Load Group (Mr. Smalls)

Friday  12:00pm  

CBT (Computer Lab)

Friday  10:00AM  

Men's Process 5 (Concourse)

Friday  11:00AM  

Peer Socialization (Concourse)

Friday  12:00pm  

Process Group -5 (Concourse)

Friday  10:00AM  

Recovery Tools for the Weekend 5 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Friday  12:00pm  

Steps to Recovery (Computer Lab)

Friday  11:00AM  

Weekend in Recovery (Concourse)

Friday  6:00pm  

Women's Process 5 (Room 206, Second Floor)

Friday  11:00AM  

Developing Sober Support (Concourse)

Saturday  11:00AM  

Recovery During the Weekend (Concourse)

Saturday  10L00AM  

Thinking for Change (Room 206, Second Floor)

Saturday  12:00pm  

Narcotics Anonymous (NA) Meeting

TBD  12:00 PM  Meetings are held onsite once a week.


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