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  CREAT-ING happier lives for seniors

The need for a trusted community-based organization geared to the special needs of senior citizens is crucial. The CREATE Senior Citizens Center at 60 St. Nicholas Avenue and 113th Street has been serving seniors in the community since 1979. A hot nutritious breakfast and lunch are served daily to the members at the center as well as a hot lunch to the homebound.

Ms. Viola Brown is the Director of the senior program and provides the need the seniors have, as with everyone else, to listen, understand and guide. Two members are also CREATE staffers, Ms. Mary Richardson, Ms. Rosa Cartagena and Mr. Benjamin Lewis.

The planned schedule of daily activities has a great diversity according to times and seasons. For the quarter ending October 31, 2004, the activities and celebration included:

*Tangenik Boat Cruise in July. This included a cruise around Manhattan, entertainment and a buffet lunch.

*Workshop by Ralph Lauren Center for Cancer Care and Prevention in September. Screening for breast, cervical, colon and prostate cancer; treatment for cancer, including clinical trials; and support services. Medicaid, Medicare and most health insurance and managed care plans accepted.

*Elder Craftsmen beginning October 18 through November 15, 2004. Classes are being given at the Center where members can learn various crafts, presently making holiday gifts and decorations.

Each month the members birthdays for that month are celebrated with a festive party at the Center.

The CREATE Senior Citizens Center is truly a second home for the senior members of CREATEs community and helps make their golden years not only bearable but joyous and fulfilling.

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