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  Volunteers at CREATE Young Adult Center get tech support from St. Bonaventures

On Saturday, October 16, 2004, Professor Carl Case and seven St. Bonaventure University students were welcomed to CREATE Young Adult Center in Harlem. CREATE Young Adult Center provides transitional housing and support services to homeless adult males aged 18 to 25 (the same age as the students). Ralph Perez, CREATE, Inc. Executive Director and affiliate of Holy Name Province welcomed the students. Also welcoming Professor Case and the students were Fr. Christopher Keenan, O.F.M., Paul O’Keefe, an affiliate at the Bronx pre-novitiate program and Michael White, a volunteer from All Saints parish.

St. Bonaventure had sent four (4) computers ahead. The students installed these and Internet service as part of their practicum study at St. Bonaventure. This provides enrichment to the computer lab at CREATE Young Adult Center which is part of the new job readiness program. Michael White, Larry Koelle and affiliate Paul O’Keefe conduct this program. Fr. Christopher Keenan, O.F.M. provides supervision to Mr. White and Mr. Koelle as All Saints volunteers.

The Bona’s students enjoyed a lunch at the center in the midst of their morning and afternoon work. Afterwards, they traveled to CREATE’s Medically Supervised Outpatient Center and Administration building for a tour and program operations and history by Mr. Perez.

The professor, students, staff and residents enjoyed the day. The students were glad to learn the experiences of the homeless young men and provide this help to getting back on their feet.

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