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  Offender Re-Entry Services

CREATE, Inc. has a functioning Offender Re-Entry Program which builds on our cognitive behavioral Intensive Medically Supervised Outpatient Program that serves adults (men and women) returning from prisons. Our program systemizes pre-release planning and infuses its services with new evidence-based approaches: Motivational Enhancement Therapy, Seeking Safety, Wellness Self Management, Family Therapy, and SPECTRM to meet both the common and the specialized needs of returning offenders. The multi-disciplinary team of CREATE in the treatment of returning offenders includes: their family, community connections, as well as clinicians, parole and partner agency staff. The program integrates Motivational Enhancement Therapy into all interactions to engage the clients by identifying personal goals for their retention into the community and treatment. Clinical and support staff are trained on SPECTRM, a cognitive behavioral approach that helps returning inmates and staff understand the impact on treatment of behaviors that may have been necessary for survival in prison. Our program activities schedule offers the returnees many opportunities for positive socialization and recovery, through the following services:

✓ Vocational Counseling and Placement
✓ Help Filing for Public Assistance
✓ Computer Skills Training
✓ Assistance with SSI Support
✓ Counseling for Family Members
✓ Substance Use/Abuse Counseling
✓ Health Assessment
✓ On-Site Medical Services
✓ Psychiatric, Psychological and Mental Health Counseling for Co-Occurring Disorders
✓ Parenting Skills
✓ Health Education Training, including HIV/AIDS and Infectious Diseases
✓ Full Course Nutritional Lunch Served Daily
✓ Anger Management
✓ Group and Individual Counseling
✓ Extensive Network of Wrap Around supports including Housing, Food, Clothing, Transportation and Transitional Housing (both interagency and affiliated agency)
✓ Relapse Prevention
✓ Bilingual Counseling Available in Spanish and Russian

Please contact: Monica McCurdy, Senior Counselor
T: 212-663-1596 or F: 212-663-1323

We can serve up to 400 individuals

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